Amrut 10yo Greedy Angels Peated Rum Finish

Amrut 10-year-old Greedy Angels Peated Rum Finish

Two years ago, the Amrut 10yo Greedy Angels I tried was a fantastic demonstration about the difference about maturation and evaporation, the Angels’ Share, between countries and regions of the world. So I did some research to better understand how the Angels’ Share was working. How the type of warehouse, the oak the cask is made from and the climate all have an influence on the evaporation of the content of the cask. How some volume disappears over the years. Why usually the alcohol by volume drops in the whisky, but sometimes it’s rising. But I won’t write it again about the Angels’ Share, just go read what I wrote early last year, when I reviewed another Amrut 10yo Greedy Angels. Then in February when I kept the Angels’ Share part of the article to have a dedicated one in the ‘All about whisky’ category. But tonight, I’ll just review another victim of the angels, the Amrut 10yo Greedy Angels Peated Rum Finish.

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